image back ground transparecy to web-site

i am trying to up load to my site, which has a tiled back ground, im preping an image with photo7, with no background or colour,just a shaped image, on the site it appears either with a white or black bg, although any colour bg is bad as the image is shaped and i still want to see my 'site background tiles' around the edge of my shaped image.....pls help

  Eric10 15:41 01 Jun 06

You've probably saved your image as a jpeg which doesn't support transparency. As far as I know only GIF and PNG currently support transparency so you need to save your image in one of these formats.

thankyou very much

  splatter 12:58 02 Jun 06

Saving as a PNG may give you some problems when viewing your page with Internet Explorer. Something to do with the 'Alpha Transparency' - so gif may be the better option.

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