I'm thinking of buying True Image Home

  six-h 15:18 19 Feb 09

I believe this is the latest version, and Vista compatible,
Can anyone advise if the "Boxed" version contains a Bootable recovery CD/DVD, I've heard that one is needed, and would be more confident using a supplied one, rather than relying on one I've burned myself.

  Technotiger 15:19 19 Feb 09

The original True Image CD is also the Recovery CD to get the PC started, if ever needed.

  crosstrainer 15:23 19 Feb 09

You burn your own recovery disc after installation. The latest version of TI is

click here

But I use the previous version with Vista (works fine) If you can find it....Amazon now only selling 2009, but still worth the money.

  Technotiger 15:27 19 Feb 09

Acronis Startup Recovery Manager — Boot and restore a system without additional boot media;

I have always understood that the Acronis Original disc, is also the Recovery Start-up disc!

  six-h 15:30 19 Feb 09

Thanks guys, I have only ever used TI 8, which never let me down using XP, but now I'm on Vista, I need to get "Home".
I don't know why I would need a "Bootable disk", but I was advised to buy "boxed" rather than "download" because you get a "bootable disk" with the programme.
My previous experience of burning my own bootable disks for other uses has proved to be shall we say "inadequate" to say the least lol.
still a bit confused!

  six-h 15:33 19 Feb 09

Yes, I read it that way too, but it is open to interpretation, and I can't find any definative statement to confirm it!

  Technotiger 15:37 19 Feb 09

I can't remember where, 'twas a while ago, but I am certain that I have read that the Original CD is the Bootable Disc - I made my own because I have the downloaded version.

The disc is needed to reboot the PC when the Hard-drive is unable to do so.

  six-h 15:39 19 Feb 09

Thanks Technotiger, I think I'll oder the boxed version then, and hope it turns up before summat goes wrong!! lol

  Technotiger 15:39 19 Feb 09

PS - the PC needs to be booted from the CD, in order to then apply the saved back-up from the external hard-drive.

  woodchip 15:39 19 Feb 09

TI8 will work with Vista if you run it all using the CD at boot, as Operating System as no baring on the Boot. You can create a Backup Image to a Partition or External USB drive with what you already have

  six-h 15:47 19 Feb 09

Thats interesting woodchip, and I would have tried it if I had any other means of re- installing Vista if it did not work.
However Acronis helpdesk (granted not exactly unbiased) reconed that ver.8 would not work with Vista, and (surprise) I would need TI 11 or later.
Funny how we can be blackmailed into upgrading. lol

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