I'm scared about backing up and need advice!

  SG Atlantis 17:24 30 Nov 05

What's the best way for me to back up my computer without messing up the restore partition, that's not hidden!

I have 2 160gb sata hdds.

C: 142GB ntfs partition
D: 149GB Extra Drive also ntfs
E: 7GB FAT32 Restore partition.

It's a compaq presario 1639. runs xp home sp2.

I was thinking about some sort of clone software, then if I mess up my system I can re install from an image, rather taking it back to factory state.

The compaq came like this with no additional disks or recovery cds or windows disk.

All my other computers have had windows disks and I backed up files but when I came to reinstall windows it was painstakingly slow to install all my progs and games off cds.

Thanks in advance for any advice.

  woodchip 17:32 30 Nov 05

Go to PCworld or Buy of line as I have done. Acronis True Image. This is better than Windows Restore as you can put files back or the compleat drive partitions included in about ten to fifteen minutes.

click here

you create a image of the drive to anothere disc or discs

  ARTY DAN 18:12 30 Nov 05

I ordered acronis true image version 8 from genstar, £15.17 including delivery there website address click here

arty dan

  rawprawn 18:14 30 Nov 05


  SG Atlantis 18:17 30 Nov 05

I was thinking that I could keep a backup image of the C partition on the D drive and just restore it or something is that possible??

  SG Atlantis 18:19 30 Nov 05

thanks for that link. I'll use it if that's my best option.

  woodchip 18:21 30 Nov 05

Yes that's your best option

  SG Atlantis 18:36 30 Nov 05

thanks woodchip, I trust your sound judgement.

and thanks to arty dan for the link.


  woodchip 18:45 30 Nov 05

PS when you create a Image as you have two Hard drives, save the Image to the second Hard Drive make a Full C:\ drive Image. It only back's up the Info on the Drive not empty space

  SG Atlantis 18:59 30 Nov 05

and it won't touch the restore partition at all?

  rawprawn 19:04 30 Nov 05

Being a belt and braces man, I find that if I back up to the "Acronis Secure Zone" which you have to create using the program. That is fantastic, you simply press F11 on boot. I also backup to my second HD alternate weeks, that way I am never far out of date.I always have a choice of two seperate bakups.

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