im not sure abouthow to update drivers...

  theresnogoodnamesleft 23:10 02 Oct 04

i got a gericom ego laptop - the one aldi had on a very good special deal about 2 months ago - theres no problems with it, its a great computer but the problem i have is that i wanted to update the graphics card drivers (which are 6 months old)

its an ati 9700 mobility radeon, and i was told the drivers available on ati's site are for tower pcs, not the mobilty laptop range, and id have to get them from the manufacturer

i found the sites driver page; click here , but it doesnt really specify what drivers are for the graphics card (or maybe there aren't any)

i was kinda hoping maybe someone on here has this computer or knows what to do about the drivers, as iremember getting some advice about buying this laptop in september

any help'll be greatly appreciated, thanks

  Dan the Confused 23:30 02 Oct 04
  theresnogoodnamesleft 23:40 02 Oct 04

wow, thanks

  Dan the Confused 23:43 02 Oct 04

Uninistall your old one first from add/remove programs (although I've never used ATI).

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