I’m feeling pleased….

  GroupFC 12:16 02 Feb 06

With myself. Last night after doing some spring cleaning on the PC, when trying to open Storybuilder in Roxio Easy Media Creator 7 I kept getting a buffer overrun error and the program had to close (I now think that this was not related to my spring cleaning!).

I tried repairing the program, then uninstalled and re-installed it and used system restore all to no avail. I was about to post on here but by that time I had already spent most of the evening trying to sort the problem, so I thought I would just try Google. Lo’ and behold on about third page, having looked at a lot of sites that I didn’t understand, there was the answer to my problem!

The moral of this story? I suppose it is that the answer is out there somewhere, it’s just a question of being able to find it!

  stalion 12:22 02 Feb 06

absolutely and that is why we google if we don't know the answer

  Legolas 12:25 02 Feb 06

And the answer was?

  spuds 12:26 02 Feb 06

Many questions within the forum could be easily resolved, with a simple Google search, but many people either forget this fact, or just cannot be bothered to find the answer by a little self endeavor.

But then on the other hand, perhaps someone as a past experience of a problem, and the quickest solution is via a support or forum.

  GroupFC 12:48 02 Feb 06


I eventually found this click here and then click here

As I understand it, basically when working on projects, EMC creates a proxy folder that contains copies of the original sources (this can of course become quite large and is not something that seems to be dealt with in the Roxio help files!). By deleting/moving the files in the proxy folder, I seem to have cured the problem.

Of course, that is until I get home tonight and find another problem!

  gudgulf 12:54 02 Feb 06

I've seen loads of posts about this in my time with the Forum.....and it's true.A Google search may well,in most cases reveal the answer to a problem.

Providing that is you ask the right question...and understand the answers given.

I sometimes think that it is a skill in itself to get the best out of Google.....easy for those of us that can but a total nightmare for those that can't.

We shouldn't be making the people who can't,or prefer to be guided to a solution feel inadequate.Or worse that they are wasting our time doing what they should be doing themselves......there is nothing more frustrating if you do try and Google spits out several million answers in a fraction of a second.......not one of which is either useful or understandable to you.

  GroupFC 13:15 02 Feb 06

"We shouldn't be making the people who can't,or prefer to be guided to a solution feel inadequate" - that wasn't my thoughts at all (unlike some others I could mention!).

I have spent many hours lurking in these forums and still consider myself a novice compared to many, but I have learnt a good deal through reading many many threads and even having a quick look at the links provided.

As I said all I wanted to do was highlight the fact that I was pleased that I had found the answer myself and that it is possible to find an answer!

  IClaudio 14:06 02 Feb 06

'I sometimes think that it is a skill in itself to get the best out of Google.'

People make very good careers out of interrogating search engines and databases - it's a very highly-prized skill :)

But people use a Forum like this because it's nice sometimes to be given a friendly hand from humans who will have had the same problem.

  gudgulf 14:35 02 Feb 06

My comment wasn't aimed a you at all........more of a general musing over what tends to happen with this type of thread.

Sorry if you thought it was.

  GroupFC 14:51 02 Feb 06

No Problem!!

  GroupFC 22:31 02 Feb 06

Thanks for all your comments.

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