im building a pc for the first time

  arronz 18:20 28 Oct 11

i need some help choosing a graphics card and a psu. also im not sure if what ive chose already will work together im going to be buying all this. intel i5-760. the asus p7p55d-e lx motherboard. coolmaster v8 cpu fan. sharkoon scorpio pc case.western digital coviar 1tb hdd.and a lite on sata drive if you could suggest me some alternatives that would be great thanks in advance

  AroundAgain 18:24 28 Oct 11


Sorry, I can't help you with whether componets are Ok with each other but, as you're building for the first time, have you considered getting a 'barebones' kit, and then adding the other bits? Still much cheaper than 'off the shelf'


  gengiscant 18:39 28 Oct 11

What is your overall budget?

What do you use a PC for mainly.

I think you would be better off going the sandybridge route with an i5 2500K CPU and a P8P67 motherboard. But it really depends on your overall budget. Remember you will need to factor in an operating system which should be Windows 7.

  arronz 18:39 28 Oct 11

i never knew they sold kits but i will look into it now thank you

  arronz 18:44 28 Oct 11

my budget is roughly £700 and i will be using it for gaming and media but im not gonna be playing top games

  arronz 18:55 28 Oct 11

and thanks for both your replys

  gengiscant 19:08 28 Oct 11

A quick spec, you can obviously tweak it to suite yourself.

CPU: i5 2500K. £161.21 LN37506

Mobo: GA-Z68P-DS3 - £75.22 LN41414

RAM: 4gb 1600mhz DDR3 - £24.48 LN37493

HDD: 2 x 500GB - £62.83 LN28751

PSU: EZcool 500W - £25.67 LN8039

GPU: XFX HD 6870 £137.62 LN37721

CASE: Coolermaster Elite 430 £38.38 LN34936

CD/DVD: SATA DVDRW £13.99 LN39605

OS: Windows 7 32 BIT OEM £73.28 LN29160

Which comes to £615.51with postage.

The LN numbers you can just put in the search bar at Scan Computing.

  AroundAgain 19:15 28 Oct 11

If you are interested in checking out BareBones, I suggest you Google 'Barebones computers'. I went for the company that comes up first (Novatech) but the second (eBuyer) is also reputable, as far as I'm aware. Hope this doesn't class as spamming!


  arronz 19:18 28 Oct 11

thank you very much for your reply also if i get all of what you suggested can i get another graphics card later on if i decide to get more into pc gaming

  gengiscant 19:36 28 Oct 11

You really do not need another graphics card this will handle all you can through at it at high settings, if you want to spend more then have a look at a HD6950 or a HD6970 or a Nvidia 560TI or 570 or 580. But these are high end graphics cards.

This mobo has crossfire so you can add another 6870 should you want.

  arronz 19:43 28 Oct 11

thanks for all your suggestions i think im going to go with what gengiscant suggested

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