I'm addicted to a card game

  Graham ® 19:42 20 Jun 04

OK, so I started on the soft stuff, everyone at work was doing it - Solitaire.

Then someone suggested we should try Freecell.

Now I'm on the hard stuff - Forty Thieves. It's highly addictive, I'm on it all the time. I get it from click here.

Anyone else going to own up?

  Mikè 19:52 20 Jun 04

I have SolSuite 2003 which has about 400 card games, wastes far too much time when I should be doing something more productive.

  Curio 20:15 20 Jun 04

I admit to Solitaire Master IV. 400 plus games. Current favourite - Pharoahs

  end 20:21 20 Jun 04

free cell is mine....and if I concentrate I can win most times (!!!!)

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 20:21 20 Jun 04

Fraid to admit but I'm an evil Snood addict I can lose a game waiting for IE pages to download.

Total games at moment 4734


  sicknote 20:47 20 Jun 04

Got a bit hooked on these games

click here

  david.h 21:22 20 Jun 04

I caught the freecell bug, put on the anorak and started at game no 1 found then reasonably easy but addictive then got to n0 128 despite umteen attempts could not beat this one got frustrated and lost the addiction never put the anorak on again. now someone will no doubt say they cracked it

  Djohn 21:39 20 Jun 04

Yep! Have done from 1 to 2850 so far! Plus a couple of dozen odd numbers here and there.

There is one that is quite dificult in the 3000 region but I foret the exact number at the moment, I have was trying to crack it for over a year but not been back to it for the past 12 months. :o(

  canard 22:03 20 Jun 04

click here Solitude -lots of hair tearing solitaire games with freecell in6 different flavours.

  end 22:37 20 Jun 04

so people are games mad as well ???!!!!;but free cell is great towards the end when all the cards start falling into place.......

it is a "healthy addiction"..or is it.......I had reached a stage where I had to put the computer on and have a play even when I came down to let the dog out in the middle of the night!!!!!...now is THAT crackers or WHAT???!!!!

  Forum Editor 23:43 20 Jun 04

I'm afraid to tell you that it is.

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