illegal operation as connected

  badboy 22:00 07 Feb 03

im with aol and connecting got harder and harder then not at all so aol told me to unistall aol uninstall modem and several things i now have got a new modem as lost driver after few removels of modem now when i dial up it goes to connected symbol then i get illegal operation waol details says waol caused an invalid page fault in module unknown at 0000:00089782 registers eax=0008977a and plenty more can anyone help resolve this asap as my waines are going daft as im having to use theres ps when i press close i lose the aol page

  jaybee67 22:11 07 Feb 03

I kept getting similar messages (though I'm not on AOL - Thank God).

It turned out I had a Trojan virus.

Have you scanned your system?

Do Ctrl, Alt Del to see which progs are currently running. If you see 2 or 3 progs which have nonsensical names, and you do not recognise them, it may be an indicator that you have a virus.

Hope you havn't......

  badboy 22:29 07 Feb 03

i have scanned for virus there was one in a download i was doing but that was resolved

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