illegal operation

  morganmight 06:37 18 Jul 03

Does anyone out there know how to zap 'illegal operation'messages?they are so annoying.Is there an easy way of tackling an individual error message?when you click 'details'the word 'kernel'and a load of digits appear in the error message,of which i don't understand.I run windows 98se and i know that nearly everyone has probably had one of these messages at sometime or another.
The title of the error is'OMGTRAY'and only appears after boot up is completed.

any help Thanks


  AndySD 07:30 18 Jul 03

Copyright : Copyright 1999,2000,2001 Sony Corp.

CompanyName : Sony Corporation

FileDescription : OpenMG Jukebox Startup

InternalName : Omgtray

OriginalFilename : Omgtray.EXE

ProductName : OpenMG Jukebox Startup

Try going Start then RUN type in


Hit OK. Now choose the StartUp tab and untick.. OmgStartup

  morganmight 08:11 18 Jul 03

Thanks AndySD, of course,MG Jukebox,we use for the sony walkman,i never thought,i'll give what you recommended a try and i'll let you know.(won't be until later today though,cos of work)

Thanks again,


  morganmight 07:59 21 Jul 03

AndySD,i did what you recommended and it worked,thanks a million.I wonder if all 'illegal messeges' can be removed that easily.
Thanks again,


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