Illegal downloads

  mysterious_543 18:48 12 Mar 03

I thought there was some sort of policy about providing help for people who want it concerning stuff like kazzaa tto get something for nothing.

I saw one post where some users said that u wont find help for it on here and go to a kazaa forum instead.

But i saw another that is giving help.

Is there a policy of not giving help for something like kazaa or is it up to the individual user??

  duplo 18:54 12 Mar 03

I think there is a policy- if this forum was found to be providing info on illegal downloads (or anything illegal) then it could get closed.

Most users would not give info due to this... correctly so.

  Theonewhowatchesoveryou 19:29 12 Mar 03


From the site policy "'Cracks' or copyright infringement - we do not permit the posting of information that will enable other people to use pirated software or to evade the copyright laws. Please do not post serial numbers or CD keys, or links to sites that contain file-sharing software or such information."

To my mind helping anyone with a problem relating to using the illegal software downloaded from P2P programes (Kazzaa/morpheus etc) breaks this policy. I have noticed, like yourself that there have been quite a few posts lately from people with requests like this and they should be removed without warning. As to the members that give help/advice, I have been rather suprised over the last few days as to some of the names who have done so!

What with the "silly" posts coming on and now the downright iffy ones as well I strongly feel that this forum is losing it's grip of late.

  Åudioslave 19:31 12 Mar 03

Totally agree with you.

I moderate at a forum where we receive many posting requesting cracks, serials and the such.

They simply get deleted.

  Tjsuk11 19:35 12 Mar 03

Surely the use of software such as kazaa is only a legality issue if discussing the downloading of copyrighted material.
Discussion about the software in general is and should be quite reasonable on this forum as the sofware itself is not illegal.

  gcs_uk 20:21 12 Mar 03

Reading this thread with interest would like feedback from anyone in the know with regards to the post by Tjsuk11 - I have to agree that the software such as kazaa or morpheus is not illegal therefore discussing the software should in itself be permissable. I have noticed several magazines giving out morpheus on their cover discs.

  Theonewhowatchesoveryou 21:29 12 Mar 03

it should be noted that I used the term "To my mind helping anyone with a problem relating to using the illegal software downloaded from P2P programes (Kazzaa/morpheus etc) breaks this policy." I am well aware that the actual software such as Kazzaa is legal, what I am saying is that the use of such such software to download other programes IS illegal, therefore the pleading with help to "sort out" problems with such downloads IS in breach of the site policy.

  Installer. 22:02 12 Mar 03

PCA obviously have no objection to file sharing in principal, as there are a number of such programs in the downloads section.

  GANDALF <|:-)> 22:35 12 Mar 03

P2P programmes are totally legal and can be used to download material that is freely available or has no copyright of which there is much appearing.

Morpheus et al are offered on many cover Cds but the old 'gun maker' analogy pops up; it is not illegal to sell guns but if you use one to shoot someone then that is. It is the action not the item that is illegal. You can use P2P to transfer files etc. but emailing them is quicker and safer from a virus point of view. P2P has the advantage that you can view other peoples' shared files (well, at least a brief description) before downloading anonymously (both ends).

I won't rabbit on about the security aspects of Kazaa, Morpheus etc. as I have written many times about it but 'collander', 'holding' and 'water' spring to mind and considering the amount of paranoia about security I am suprised that so many people use P2P.

  VoG™ 22:47 12 Mar 03

I was mentally preparing a response to this but GANDALF <|:-)> has hit the nail on the head.

Personally I do not try to help people who are using this type of program since it is 99% likely that they have/are/will use the program to download copyrighted material. Similarly I do not respond positively to hacker/cracker/warez questions. This has nothing to do with PCA "rules" - it is my personal preference.

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