I'll tell you what annoys me....

  joelmb 19:01 30 Mar 04

Websites that think they have the right to disable your 'Back' browser function.

And another thing, why can't php be re-coded so you can click 'Back', without getting the 'This page has expired...' nonsense. I'm sure there's good reasons for this, but nothing's impossible, I'm sure the php group could change it to act so if back is pressed then go to page x instead and also parse the data so far collected back , i.e when completing a multiple page form, which is when its most annoying.

Phew, glad I got that off my chest.

  Forum Editor 20:00 30 Mar 04

and there are almost as many possible answers as there are web designers. If you set session.cache_limiter = none; in your php.ini file you'll avoid the problem in Internet Explorer.

Does that help, or am I misunderstanding the question?

  joelmb 21:00 30 Mar 04

Ah! I see where you're coming rom. no I meant from the users perspective not the designers (although i am both). I was simply having a rant. ;)

  Forum Editor 22:59 30 Mar 04

and you're right - I thought you wanted to know how to prevent the cache limiter from operating.

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