IIS 4.0/FPSE 2002 Problem

  Raja - Helpdessk 15:36 25 Feb 03


I am trying to enable forms and databases to work over our existing intranet.

We currently have a webserver (IIS 4.0) set up and have a web on port 80 containing several web sites. We cannot currently run forms or connect to databases internally and FrontPage Server Extentions will not install.

Our existing intranet and webs have all been developed in FrontPage 98, however, we have recently installed FrontPage 2002 on some of our PCs and would like to use this for all future development.

My current configuration:

Hardware: HP Server, 80GB Disk, 512MB Memory, 800Mhz processor
OS: Windows NT 4.0 SP 6a
IIS version: 4.0
MMC: 1.0
FrontPage: 98 and 2002
FP SE: not installed
IE version: 5.5

Unfortunately we have several external dependencies and are not in a position to upgrade the O/S or change from the MS product set.

In trying to determine the problem I created a test environment on a separate machine, recreating the server configuration. I have now successfully installed the latest FPSE.

I then tried to recreate our Intranet in this environment by doing the following:

1. Created a New FPSE 2002 Web in IIS using the MMC on port 80 - (newweb)
2. Configured (newweb) to use FPSE 2002
3. Copied some test data from our existing intranet
4. Created a virtual directory in neweb called testweb and pointed it to copied data
5. I then tried to extended testweb to use FP2002 SE but it came up with a 404/page not found error rather than bringing up the admin page within IE
6. I also created a new directory under newweb in which I created a new form (using FP 2002). When I complete the form using IE and then hit the submit button, it comes up with a 404/page not found error. I don't have a confirmation page as the FP 2002 help indicates that I don't need one.

Is there something I am doing wrong or a process that I have missed out.

Also I can't find any IIS 4.0 manuals or books out there - even though some are advertised on Amazon!

Any help or links to useful articles would be appreciated, I am working on a tight timescale, so a quick response would be great.



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