if you have norton security 2011

  sunnystaines 07 Sep 11

open programme

click support

select new version check

and it will update to new version 2012 free untill your original licence expires

  compumac 07 Sep 11

That sounds OK I have just installed NIS 2011 on three PC's. Are you aware of the benefits of 2012?

  sunnystaines 07 Sep 11


I update 2011 to 2012n both xp and w7 to install process is a lot better/quicker.

as for running scans etc not seen anything really other than different grahics slightly. I expect its all under the bonnet stuff like better scanning engine and or better protection.

  compumac 07 Sep 11

Sunnystaines Will do an Acronis image and then upgrade to NIS 2012, but probably in the morning. Thanks for info.

  sunnystaines 07 Sep 11
  onthelimit1 07 Sep 11

I'm still not convinced about the value of expensive and (sometimes) bloated software, that seems to do little more than the freeware options. I've sorted innumerable computers that have picked up viruses despite the cost of the protection.

Rant over!

  sunnystaines 08 Sep 11


a good point for most software, but when it comes to security I want what i feel is one of the better products with good support.

on your home would you put a free cheap lock on the front door which opens and locks ok but has poor deterence to a burglar or pay for a 5 lever mortice lock making it more difficult for the burglar.

that's my view and why i chose a pay for security, we are all free to choose and voice our opinions.

  ventanas 08 Sep 11

Did my three last night, each one took less than a minute to download and install. Certainly not bloated, and very cheap nowadays (3 PC's covered) I agree with sunnystaines, well worth paying for.

  griffon56 08 Sep 11

Hi sunnystaines, you're implying all the free stuff is rubbish but some of them have consistently beaten Norton in the past (AVG, Avast) tho' today's Norton is better than their old resource hogging, intrusive stuff of a few years ago. That's not just me saying that, that's PC Advisor, more than once. I'm currently using Norton 2011 and for the next year, as the result of a gift, but when the licence expires I will probably switch to a freeby.

Inidentally, for many years I have used AVG plus Zone Alarm firewall and a number of anti-malware progs, all free to use domestically, and I have never had a virus or one single piece of nasty malware. The free progs must be doing something right.

  rawprawn 08 Sep 11

Many thanks sunnystaines, much appreciated RP


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