If TODAY greater than......."Message" - HELP!!

  Stubacka 09:29 13 Oct 05

I have a spreadsheet challenge board for a tennis/badminton competition.
Part of the sheet involves entering a date on which the challenge is made and a date on which the match is to be played. The match date must be entered within 5 WORKING days of the original challenge date. Is it possible to enter a formula in another cell that issues a warning message (G)if TODAY is greater than or equal to the Challenge Date (H) plus 5 working days AND no date has been entered into the match date column (F).


Column F Column G Column H

Match Date "Warning" Challenge Date

I can do it with just "TODAY plus 5 days" but WORKING days is giving me problems.

  VoG II 09:53 13 Oct 05


  Stubacka 14:24 13 Oct 05

I saw that function in the help file but I can't get my head around how to fit it into my formula.

Formula currently is as follows :-

=IF((TODAY()>=H4+5)*(F4=0)*(H4>0),"DATE WARNING","")

How do I say +5 NETWORKDAYS instead of just +5

  VoG II 16:22 13 Oct 05

=IF((NETWORKDAYS(H4,TODAY())>5)*($F4=0)*($H4>0),"DATE WARNING","")

  Stubacka 17:57 13 Oct 05

Easy when you know how.

Thanks again VoG.

  Stubacka 12:28 04 Jan 06

The formula has stopped working since I came back to work after the New Year (is this relevant?)
The whole list now permanently shows the error *NAME? whether dates have been entered or not.
As far as I am aware nothing has changed (except 2005 - 2006)
Any ideas please?

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