If Ever Proof Was Needed

  The Paul 21:04 06 Feb 05

Take a look at this link - I know this isnt usual HELPROOM thread - but it will show anyone who cares to take a look that in here - there is a degree of help, care, assistance and brotherhood that you will not find anywhere. Look at how many posts there were to try and fix my problem - which was fixed. Superb I say.

Many thanks to all who contributed - there is no service, of which I am aware, that gets close to this.

Merci bien.


  stalion 21:06 06 Feb 05

thanks for posting did you forget the link?

  The Paul 21:07 06 Feb 05

Sorry folks - still celebrating an Irish (VERY LUCKY) win over the Italians.

Link as suggested above - click here


  The Paul 21:08 06 Feb 05

You're very quick - obviously not a celebratory Irishman nor Welshman then!!!???

Link posted now stalion

  end 21:13 06 Feb 05

to coin a phrase
"you are most welcome"; and I think a lot of us learnt something while sorting this ; it became "a very interesting hijack " ::)))

  The Paul 21:21 06 Feb 05

you're a star and you depict the level of greats who frequent this Forum. The others know who I mean too!!!

  end 21:33 06 Feb 05

thanks for the compliments; but a lot must go to Vog; he and I were bashing ideas back and forth off forum to keep the thread length down , and me throwing about all sorts of somewhat ludicrus ideas , including the fact that your hijack log was "clear"; then, once I had asked pointed qestions of Vog as to what things actually DID, the "pennies began to drop" between us ; "team effort" is the clue here and my belief that somewhere a solution was waiting to be found

(and I need to make sure that I do not trip over my fallen hallo , and crash head first into my pC)

  The Paul 21:37 06 Feb 05

if proof was ever needed - what you have just said goes to prove my point.

Now your hallo is shinny so sit on it!!!!

  end 21:49 06 Feb 05

if you rest your case on my hallo, at least I will know where to find it (now imagine the type of conversation that was being batted between vog and me...fun "ere i"nit )

and you still have your" porn popup" to sort out?

  Buchan 35 22:45 06 Feb 05

Lovely win

  Buchan 35 22:52 06 Feb 05

28 - 17 is NOT very lucky, you cheeky blighter, class will ou on occasions such as these. Another glass of red is now called for.

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