iexplorer 7

  jonpep 08:09 30 Nov 09

A box keeps coming up and stopping some applications.
it says


The application failed to initalise prpoerly (oxoooo142). Click okay to terminate the application.
How can I repair this fault or reinstall i,e, 7 running vista preimum.

  rawprawn 08:23 30 Nov 09

First of all why not upgrade to IE 8?
Reinstall or Repair

click here

  chub_tor 08:26 30 Nov 09

One of the causes of your problem could be spyware download and run this click here

  birdface 10:03 30 Nov 09

iexplorer.exe is a virus.Do you mean iexplore.exe or explorer.exe

  birdface 10:07 30 Nov 09

In XP you could run command prompt and type in ipconfig /flushdns then press enter.It would tell you Dns cache has been flushed if so reboot and see if it makes any difference.
or maybe try Tools.Internet Options.Advanced. And press reset.That would reset I/explorer to its original state.

  jonpep 11:09 30 Nov 09

Have tried reset and spyware check found 2 trogans, these have been removed but fault still comes up as:
iexplorer.exe. Buteman says this is a virus if this is so will try avg.

  jonpep 13:49 30 Nov 09

This is still coming up ,as this may be a virus iexplore.exe, how can I remove it ? avg does not do it!!

  Sea Urchin 14:20 30 Nov 09

Have you tried chub_tor's suggestion of Malwarebytes?

  birdface 14:37 30 Nov 09

iexplore.exe is Internet explorer.
But not the way that you spelled it.There should be no R at the end.

  jonpep 16:17 30 Nov 09

The box states;.iexplore.exe application error .

Have done full Malwarebytes
Have done full avg 9.0 antivirus
Reset ie explorer 7

Any other ideas please.

  birdface 16:21 30 Nov 09

Try restore advanced settings.[tools.Internet Options.Advanced.]
Make sure all of your add-ons are enabled.
And also make sure that you have the latest Flash and Java updates.All old updates of both should be removed.

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