dfghjkl 21:35 23 Aug 04

hello all.i am getting this coming up on my zone alarm,i have denied it so far but does anyone know if it is ok?if it is internet explorer i have no problems with it.thanks,peter

  dfghjkl 21:29 24 Aug 04


  dfghjkl 18:12 25 Aug 04

bump(this is not a trick question)

  johnsims 18:16 25 Aug 04

If no success here, try posting it (with a bit more detail) to the Zone Alarm forum. You will find it at click here under support.

  dfghjkl 18:27 25 Aug 04

i dont understand what more details i can zone alarm asked me if i wanted to run iewww.i have tried google and zone alarm but can get no details on what it is.everything is working fine without it but it has returned several times randomly.there is not a lot else that i can tell you exept that this has been happening since my first post on monday.i had hoped to get an answer here but i guess it must be the holiday season.i will keep the thread running in case anyone has heard of "iewww".
i guess i will have to try other forums.thank you johnsims

  alan227 18:33 25 Aug 04

Just googling it says it is ie www, this is Internet Explorer www.
If you have XP it is probably trying to update XP or prepare you for SP2.

  dfghjkl 18:44 25 Aug 04

when i google it i get a gay site devoted to a i am not homophobic so dont link gay and virus or bad things together but as i dont want porn dialers on my pc i kept an open mind,denyed it and asked the question here on monday.i guess no one else has had it on their zone alarm.the question still stands "what is it" if it is a virus i could be doing you a favour."if your zone alarm flags it up.what would you do?

  alan227 18:49 25 Aug 04

If you have the free version of ZA just allow it to connect but do not tick the box to always allow. if you have a firewall you will probably have antivirus and spyware deletion programmes installed so give it a try, by clicking allow without ticking the box it will only allow it to connect once and next time it will ask you again.

  dfghjkl 18:55 25 Aug 04

i understand what you say but i only let "ms blaster" in once,i thought it was a microsoft might laugh but i did not know at the time,i am a little wiser now.peter,ps i have norton 2003 up to date and free zone alarm and xp pro

  alan227 23:40 25 Aug 04

It sometimes pays to be wise.

  VoG II 07:03 26 Aug 04

Have you looked in Task Manager to see if iewww is listed as a running process?

Have you done a search for iewww.* to see if it is on your hard drive?

Might give a clue...

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