IE9 or Firefox

  Graphicool1 24 Jul 11

OS Windows 7

I have only just got IE8, but still prefer to use Firefox 5.0.1. Microsoft wants me to 'update' to IE9. I thought I'd check in with you guys first for your opinions?

  Zak 24 Jul 11

Google Chrome is worth trying - I am just getting used to it and I have now made it my default browser. It is fast and straightforward.

  buteman 24 Jul 11

I can see no harm in updating to IE9 if you are going to use Firefox mostly.

I am not that keen on IE9 although I have it downloaded. There is no search bar on it and you have to clear the address bar and use that.

  TonyV 24 Jul 11

I have no problems with IE9 along with Win7. It is certainly as fast as any of the other Browsers on offer. If it is any slower, it is imperceptible, but I usually find it to be quicker. I have used a number of them and have taken them all off and stick with IE9.


  Graphicool1 24 Jul 11


It is said that IE9 compares favourably against Chrome.


The search bar loss wouldn't be a disaster for me, because I do all my searches with 'Search Lotto'. For ever 25 new varified searches you get a free lottery ticket.


You plead a good case for IE9. I think in view of two to one so far, IE9 has it. I'll wait until tomorrow before making my final decision though. See if anyone else comes with any other positives or indeed negatives.

  TonyV 24 Jul 11


As far as the search bar is concerned, again, I have no problem with typing directly into the address bar and clicking return to get my search engine to do its' stuff!


  northumbria61 24 Jul 11

No problems here using IE9 with Win 7 although I much prefer Firefox 5

  robin_x 24 Jul 11

I use FF5 almost exclusively.

I upgraded to IE9 though (from IE8) on a vague feeling that security would be 'more up to date'.

Dunno if it really matters though. Not as if I had an old IE6 waiting for some nasty to fire it up and do something.

  rdave13 24 Jul 11

Prefer IE9 to Firefox although have the latter as standby. Tried the rest, including the wonderful chrome, but not for me.

  Woolwell 24 Jul 11

I've tried and often use IE9, Firefox 5, Chrome, Opera and Safari. IE9 is fine but I still prefer Firefox. Chrome is quick but I like Google toolbar. Had to get Add-on compatibility report for some of the add-ons to run on Firefox %. Opera is quite quick but some sites don't like it. Safari is an acquired taste. It's growing on me. I think Firefox has become slower.

  Graphicool1 25 Jul 11

Hi Guys

Thanx for your input. As yet I'm still dithering on the sideline. Still undecided, I'm thinking of going for it, if for no other reason than to stop MS nagging me about it. But as robinofloxley said..."I use FF5 almost exclusively"...I do too.

When I had IE7 I made the mistake of deleting it, to use only FF. I had all kinds of problems trying to get it back again. Because without it MS wouldn't let me update the system!


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