IE9 home page

  sunnystaines 13:56 18 Mar 11

I have four home pages set that all open together.

i know how to add one but how do i remove one

  mooly 14:03 18 Mar 11

How about from tools/internet options and home pages on the general tab. What happens if you delete then there.

  sunnystaines 14:13 18 Mar 11

in the end set one page as only home page then added the others i wanted without adding the once i could not delete.

mooly thank for offering help.

  mooly 19:36 19 Mar 11

I had similar problem today installing IE9 on friends W7/64 laptop.

IE9 installed OK but it left just MSN as the only tab, google and yahoomail tabs were gone... yep... you need to enable the command bar to get the familar home symbol and configure it and delete the ones you don't want.

Strange to observe how different the install went on W7/64 compared to Vista/32.
On Vista the tabs and all settings were all preserved... I didn't need to do anything set up wise.

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