IE9 Hijacks default browser.

  rawsongreen 30 Nov 12

I use deepnet explorer as my web browser and I make it my default bowser in tools, options etc If I then immediately click a link in an email e.g. it opens in IE9!!!!! Is there a way of making deepnet explorer my permanent web browser? I'm using Windows 7 Home premium.

  johndrew 30 Nov 12

Apparently this is a problem that is not unknown. Look at these links:

enter link description here

enter link description here

But the Deepnet words say it can be set as default. Ramesh gives a way for XP but whether this is adaptable for W7 ...

  johndrew 30 Nov 12

A thought, you have tried 'Start/Control Panel/Default Programs', choose the browser you want in the 'Programs' list, and then click 'Set this program as default' and click OK?

  rawsongreen 30 Nov 12

Thanks johndrew but deepnet is not on the list!

  rawsongreen 30 Nov 12

Thanks again johndrew, your'e first 3 suggestions came to nothing and the last one is only for XP

  Sea Urchin 30 Nov 12

If the required program is not on the list you have to use "Associate a file type with a program" instead

This video shows you how:

For Windows 7

PS You may be asked to download Silverlight if you don't have it to view the video

  rawsongreen 01 Dec 12

Thanks sea urchin but it still comes down to the fact that Deepnet is not on any list or file types.

  rawsongreen 02 Dec 12

dr yes Thanks. I'm using 64 bit. I think you could be correct about Deepnet, the problem is more complcated than first stated. If I make Chrome my default browser then make Deepnet the default, it immediately reverts back to Chrome.

  rawsongreen 03 Dec 12

dr yes, I'm afraid Deepnet is not on the list and if I get to a page where their are several lines of IE with boxes ticked, Windows will not let me untick them. I tried reinstalling Deepnet but it made no difference. I think I will have to accept things, it's not a big problem but we like our commputers to work as they should!


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