IE9 (64-bit) alternatively IE9 - missing addon's

  compumac 15:59 16 Aug 11

Windows 7 Home Premium 64 Bit laptop

I had problems in that in IE9 the addon's suddenly disappeared and did not even display in the "Manage Addons". I then found that there two entries in Start/All Programmes/ - 1)Internet Explorer and also 2)Internet Explorer(64-bit). Clicking on the Internet Explorer gave me the IE9 with the addon's displayed, Internet Explorer (64-bit)gave me no addons at all.

Any suggestions/thoughts

  ACOLYTE 16:11 16 Aug 11

What version of IE was you using when you installed the add-ons,i think for some you need to be using the version you intend to add too.I have checked my IE versions and i dont have the same add-ons in both,i do have things like google toolbar/java and the default ones windows adds,in both versions but i dont have shockwave player add-ons/real player etc in the 64 bit version but i do in the 32 bit one.

  compumac 16:17 16 Aug 11

I was not even aware of two separate IE9 exe files. The addon's that went walkabout were on the one and only one IE9 that I knew of that turned out to be the non 64-bit.I have two other PC's both running Win7 and IE9 and they only appear to have one IE9 entry.

  Graphicool1 16:44 16 Aug 11


"I was not even aware of two separate IE9"

Niether was I, but then my OS is 32-bit, so that may be why I don't have "IE9 Versions"?

  birdface 18:17 16 Aug 11

Ignore the 64bit version.

Remove any I/E icons you have in the desktop.Then go to all programs.

There should be both versions.Right click on the 32 Bit version and click send to desktop.

That way you will only have the one version to open or shut and no more mix ups.

  Graphicool1 18:35 16 Aug 11


You say "Ignore the 64bit version"

When I go to 'All Files' or 'Program Files' all I see is 'Internet Explorer', no mention of any flavour of 'bits'. when I click the folder and go inside, still nothing?

  Graphicool1 18:40 16 Aug 11

Ok guys

ACOLYTE, I'm not trying to hijack your thread, but can you humour me for a moment please. If you 'compumac' and 'buteman' wouldn't mind answering the question...What 'bit' is your system?

  compumac 18:53 16 Aug 11

Graphicool I realised that my other two PC's were both 32bit Question 1) What are the implications of two explorer.exe 2) How do I add the same add ons to the other Explorer?

  compumac 18:56 16 Aug 11

Graphicool The affected(?) PC is 64bit, the other two are 32 bit which is what threw me.

  compumac 19:27 16 Aug 11

Correction. Two of my PC's are 64 bit and on each of those there are displayed two Explorer.exe files.

  birdface 20:22 16 Aug 11

Go to start.All programs.Up near the top should be two internet explorer Icons.One for that says 64bit and the other one says nothing.

The one that says nothing is the one that you click on and send to desktop.

If you don't have both you are either have the 32 Bit only or using a different windows 7 than me.

Windows 7 Home premium I am using so it maybe different if you use a different version.

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