IE9 and 10 - can't download anything!

  onthelimit1 03 Apr 13

Toshiba laptop running W7. When clicking to download anything, nothing happens - no popup box or anything. I uninstalled 10, 9 was the same. Uninstalled 9 and 8 worked OK (as does Chrome). Reinstalling 9 led to the same problem! The owner would prefer to use IE if possible. I've Googled and there seem to be lots of people with the same problem, but not of the fixes suggested have worked.

Any of you come across this before?

  onthelimit1 03 Apr 13

Don't know if this is a clue - just tried to uninstall the Ask toolbar and a popup says all IE windows should be closed. They are, and none is showing in Task Manager under Applications - most odd!

  lotvic 03 Apr 13

Reboot pc then you need to get rid of Ask toolbar

  onthelimit1 03 Apr 13

OK, Ask now gone. IE still behaving the same way - nothing will download.

  rdave13 03 Apr 13

If you've done a reset then I'd run something like Malwarebytes.

  onthelimit1 03 Apr 13

yup, done the usual with MBAM, CCleaner and did another scan with Hitmanpro. All clear. Just going to try another uninstall/ reinstall just to check. Will be back soon!

  onthelimit1 03 Apr 13

Baffled - after that second reinstall, all is working normally! Thanks anyway.


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