IE8 and WMC disappear after last Windows Update

  dms_05 09:45 28 Feb 11

I'm running W7 64 bit Home Premium on a recent Acer laptop. It had IE and WMC installed by default and both were working. After the last Windows Update both disappeared completely - not just the icons on the desktop and menu entry but the whole lot has been deleted from my laptop. I don't use IE or WMC but I do wonder why/how they have been destroyed as my grandchildren do sometimes use them for school homework.

  birdface 10:13 28 Feb 11

You could check add remove.
Turn windows features on or off.
If internet explorer8 does not have a tick against it tick the box and wait for it to install again.

  dms_05 10:18 28 Feb 11

Good idea. I'll try when I can accesss that computer.

  birdface 10:21 28 Feb 11

In Services my WMC is set to manual make sure yours is not switched off.

  dms_05 11:21 28 Feb 11

I've had a look. First - everythings changed in W7 and I've had problems finding the catagories! I've looked in Program Features and found on one of the sub-menu's that WMC is ticked for active. I've had a quick look in the File Manager (Windows Explorer) and can't even find WMC or IE8 anywhere. I'm now more confused!

When you say 'Service' what key pressing do you use to get there?

  dms_05 11:26 28 Feb 11

OK. I've gone Start>Admin>Services and can't find the main WMC entry (just a couple of add-ons for start/stop of TV and FM radio) in the 'Local' entry.

  dms_05 11:35 28 Feb 11

I've found a folder for IE and placed an icon on my task bar for the exe file. That now runs IE9.

However WMC is a mystery. No trace on my HDD!

  birdface 14:54 28 Feb 11

Maybe run Windows Update and see if there is one for WMC.
Or just press the start button and type Windows Media Centre into the box at the bottom.
It works for me using W7 64Bit.

  dms_05 15:37 28 Feb 11

buteman - I tried entering Windows Media Centre in the Search bar without result. I then tried the same search across my whole range of storage. Nothing!

I then tried Windows Update and all that found was a definitions update for MSE.

So WMC seems to have been deleted from my system.

  dms_05 15:54 28 Feb 11

I've had a look at some related articles and one says:

"Even though Windows Media Centre is integrated part of the operating system and cannot be uninstalled or removed, the WMC services can be turned off and disabled so that it won’t run or start even when WMC button is pressed or when users click from Start Menu, exactly as if Media Center is not installed".

Well MS have managed to completely replace my WMC. I've looked around in Registry and it simply isn't there. No files on the HDD, no services to start/stop (although some left overs of obscure WMC services can be found).

So it's not possible but it has happened! Welcome to the wonderful world of Microsoft!

  birdface 16:20 28 Feb 11

Although I have it on my computer and it is in services I have never opened it so don't really know what it does.
I will have a look at it tomorrow just to find out what it actually does.

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