IE8 & FF

  Molly_Don 13:55 16 Jul 10


A site I use clashes with IE8, it's been suggested I use Firefox, tbh, I'm happy with IE8.

The reason I don't want to use FF is because I'm useless with computers, (no matter how straight forward / simple it may be) IE8 is simple enough for me to use as default.

Can I use IE8 & FF? (I only want to use FF for the one site) if I can use both, how do I switch between each one when I've finished on the site?


  beynac 14:02 16 Jul 10

Can you give us a link to the site, please. Have you tried using Compatibility View in IE8 (it's the button with, what looks like, a torn piece of paper on it).

  Molly_Don 14:09 16 Jul 10


I've not used compatibilty view as I don't understand what it's for.

The site is "digital spy"

  rdave13 14:26 16 Jul 10

It could be that your favourite 'bookmark' in IE8 is corrupt. Try this link; click here

  beynac 14:40 16 Jul 10

The Digital Spy site is working fine on my computer, using IE8.

Compatibility View shows the site as it would have appeared using an older version of IE.

To use it, just click the button and see if the site appears correctly. There should be no need to use Firefox if you don't want to.

I agree with rdave13 that it could be your IE8 shortcut that is causing the problem. It could also be that you IE 'cache' needs clearing. To do this, click on 'Tools' on the IE menu (button with a cog on it). Select 'Internet Options'. On the 'General' tab, click on the 'Delete...' button under 'Browsing History'

  beynac 14:43 16 Jul 10

click on 'Delete' again. Wait until it has done its job and then click OK to close each window.

(posted before I was ready).

  Sea Urchin 15:17 16 Jul 10

To answer your original question - yes you can use both IE8 and FF (and any other browser if you wanted). When you want to browse to Digital Spy just open FF and use that instead of IE8. You can then return to IE8 whenever you want.

You could keep both IE8 and FF open at the same time - just click on the Taskbar at the bottom of the screen to switch between them. IE8 can remain your default browser throughout.

  Molly_Don 15:54 16 Jul 10

Thanks for all the help

May I just clarify something, if I download FF, does it takeover / replace IE? or does it remain idle on the taskbar like all my other open programmes?

(hope I've explained that right)

  Sea Urchin 15:57 16 Jul 10

No it doesn't "take over" - it is just another alternative browser you can use if you wish. Just as you open IE8 when you want to use that.

  Molly_Don 17:07 16 Jul 10

Thanks for all the help

  Molly_Don 17:39 16 Jul 10

Just to say, I've installed FF and although FF is now my default browser, I'm none the wiser between IE & FF.

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