karmgord 20:29 06 Oct 08

All those thinking of upgrading IE7 to IE8 Beta BEWARE I did and all was fine EXCEPT it seems a lot of online secure logins won't accept IE8 Tescos for one says upsupported browser please UPDATE to IE7!!!!!! Abbey said the same but DID work with IE8,luckly I could roll back the system to IE7.

  ACOLYTE 20:32 06 Oct 08

Thats why its called Beta.Im sure when it comes out as a final package most online retailers will support it.)

  karmgord 20:48 06 Oct 08

Just warning others that thats a setback at the moment, to be aware of,they may not be able to restore their setup and then they will be unable to get online to their banks.
P.S I think the Banks need to get up to speed on this.

  rdave13 20:56 06 Oct 08

Using beta 2 and so far no problems with secure sites.

  Marko797 10:38 07 Oct 08

do you think setting IE8 to compatibility mode would solve the problem?

I'm running IE8 in this mode and all seems fine at this end.

  jolorna 10:43 07 Oct 08

i did think about trying IE8 beta 2 but after reading your thread about banks i will pass on it for now thanks for teh warning, Beta my brain doesn't function enough to go messing around like that

  karmgord 18:10 08 Oct 08

beta how do you edit "user aagent string"?

  karmgord 20:58 08 Oct 08

As Beta says,I've modified the registry to report IE8 as IE7 now sites work under IE8

  MikeySchwarzn 21:25 08 Oct 08

Captain Facetious says: you should use Firefox. Its a million times better than IE and is not made by the evil Microsoft, which only exists to provide fuel for Bill Gates money furnace, which he uses to burn Steve Jobs in efigy over and over again.

[because there's always one]

  Halmer 09:01 09 Oct 08

Steve Jobs?

  jolorna 09:09 09 Oct 08

might be this person click here

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