IE7 v Firefox

  thicasabrick 22:07 20 Dec 06

I've just been advised by a friend to use Firefox as opposed to IE7. If I do change does this mean that from then on I can only use Firefox or can I switch between them, if I want to, and how do you switch between them. Thanks

  Stuartli 22:17 20 Dec 06

You can switch between them at will - however you still need to ensure that IE is fully updated as and when required.

You can choose which is the Default browser.

  thicasabrick 22:52 20 Dec 06

How do you choose which is the default browser.

  Stuartli 22:56 20 Dec 06

The Main tab from FF's Tools>Options or from Start>Set Program Access and Defaults.

  thicasabrick 02:41 21 Dec 06

Thanks for your help Stuartli.

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