IE7 - some good news for web designers

  PurplePenny 13:08 30 Apr 05

The IE 7 developers are being as good as their word and have started incorporating the standards support suggested by sites like Quirksmode,, CSSVault, glish and Position Is Everything.

Read more in the developers' blogs: click here

I'm really looking forward to proper implemenation of position:fixed. That isn't specifically mentioned in the blogs but given the other bugs that they mention they are sure to be addressing that one as well.

  LeadingMNMs 21:11 01 May 05

Don't normally have a problem getting the browsers to display pretty much the same, but if they sort out fixed positioning and implement the box model properly then it'll be alot easier.

Though, by the time its released they'll be something newer that they won't have implemented.

  PurplePenny 11:25 02 May 05

"something newer that they won't have implemented"

You are quite right; I believe that they have already said that there won't be any support for CSS3 because it is not yet a published standard.

  powerless 14:15 02 May 05

Then why should they support it then?

  PurplePenny 16:55 02 May 05

No reason, they can support whatever they like. I was using it as an example of LeadinngMNMs observation that there will be something newer that the IE dev team have not implemented.

Other browser dev teams are *already* working on CSS3 support and indeed some elements of it are already supported by current browsers. See Dante Evans' test tables for the current state of play for CSS3 support: click here

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