IE7 closes when downloading some sites

  Bestselling Author 20:57 10 Feb 07

IE7 will close automatically when I download some sites. For example, my home page is If I open IE7, it opens a window then immediately closes. If I set as my home page, when I open the programme, the page opens fine.

Searching the Internet, I've found that it could be an 'add-on' problem. I've disabled all add on, but still get the same problem, so I don;t think it's that.

I have another user on my machine, and they can use IE7 with no problems, so could it be a conflict with another programme that runs when I'm logged on? Any ideas as this is really frustrating.

  surfmonkey #:@}© 21:08 10 Feb 07

revert back to ie 6
goto add and remove pro
remove ie 7
go back to ie6

  Expat 1 21:30 10 Feb 07

Ditto surfmonkey #:@}©'s advice.
Had the same problems as yourself Bestselling Author. Worst of all it only started on this site after a couple of weeks and I thought I had a virus Panics galore lol.
Now have Firefox as well as IE6. Sorry don't know how to paste the link but im'e sure someone in here will be able to tell you.

Expat In Spain.

  Bestselling Author 21:38 10 Feb 07

I've seen from various forums that there is a lot of apathy and dislike to IE7 (and yes, I'm using Firefox for most of my browsing).

But as I said in my earlier post, other users of this PC can use IE7 without any problem what so ever, so why should I revert back to IE6 for all of them (I am the administrator) just so that I can use it, or why should I have to use another browser, because they like using IE7, yet it doesn't work when I'm logged in.

  sunny staines 10:32 11 Feb 07

goto reinstal flashplayer & shockwave and all should be ok.

  Simmpy 10:53 11 Feb 07

I'm no expert but when I installed IE7 I had similar problems - I was advised to disable all add on's until I found the conflicting add on. The culprit was a google add on which I disabled - enabled all the other add on's and no more problems. Hope this helps.

  Bestselling Author 13:53 11 Feb 07

Unistalled and then reinstalled Flashplayer and shockwave. Still expereincing same problems.

Diabled all add ons, and now Internet Explorer 7 barely opnes the window before closing it again. Still no joy.

  Woolwell 13:59 11 Feb 07

Try - All Programs - Accessories - System Tools - Internet Explorer (no add ons) and see what happens with that version.

  Bestselling Author 14:44 11 Feb 07

Already tried that too unfortunately. I've also discovered that you can right click on the IE7 icon on your desktop, and that too gives the option to open with no add ons. Whichever way I've tried, it hasn't worked.

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