ie7 closes itself

  taffy101 11:46 15 Jul 09

I have a friend who cannot access the internet as internet explorer 7 closes itself immediately after it opens. What could be causing this/

  kalignorgna 13:37 15 Jul 09

I don't know what causes this but I had the same problem a wile back and fixed it with a new vertion of IE

  T I M B O 13:42 15 Jul 09

You can reset IE 7 so it's like new...

tools>internet options>advanced then restore settings ie reset...

  taffy101 14:52 15 Jul 09

Thanks for those suggestions. I'll get him to try the reset first.

  taffy101 22:55 15 Jul 09

My friend tells me that the Internet options box won't open either. He tried this from Control Panel.

  rdave13 23:34 15 Jul 09

Try start-all programs- accessories--system tools and run IE no addons. Go to tools if IE opens then click internet options-advanced tab and try the 'reset internet explorer' tab.

  taffy101 22:09 16 Jul 09

rdave13, my friend tried that and says Internet explorer still won't open. Is he going to have to reinstall it?

  rdave13 22:27 16 Jul 09

Try starting in safe mode; click here . (Without internet connection) and running full scans of whatever security programs your friend has. It could be some malware.
Some PCs need F5 to start safe mode.

  taffy101 09:40 17 Jul 09

My friend has now installed Internet explorer 8 and things are working again. Thanks for the suggestions. I will see my friend on Sunday and will sugggest that we run some security scans as you suggest in case there is some malware present.

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