ie7 bbc news

  wis 16:14 16 Dec 08

on radio today microsoft admit take care useing
ie7, click here

  tullie 16:25 16 Dec 08

This has allready been posted

  collinsc 17:02 16 Dec 08

is it therefore a wise idea to download firefox and just use that instead!?

  littlestan 17:26 16 Dec 08

The link by wis is horrendous to read to a plain non techno user like me. I need someone from microsoft sitting next to me as an interpretor !

Basic question for all plain users like me is - is it safe to use with your protection on as in antispyware etc and if you have to switch to something like firefox - how? (which my laptop did not like) and can you still get your hotmail email?

Apologies for seeming green and I can tell that people like me who need their hand held can irritate those more in the know but its a bit of a worry. x

  baldyx 18:18 16 Dec 08

I heard on BBC radio Today program from a Microsoft person that other internet browsers are not immune from the current security problems, so is it still safe to use Firefox browser,for example?

  AL47 19:43 16 Dec 08

i think firefox is meant to be safe from this one in particular

  manrow 19:48 16 Dec 08

I have been using Firefox for many years as recommended by my computer techie, due to the holes in IE7.

However even he admits that the pressure has been on IE7 as it is the most popular browser for most hackers to attempt to break in to. It follows that eventually if Microsoft find a reasonable fix for IE7, then hackers will ultimately concentrate on the other browser alternatives.

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