IE7 access to websites

  bpzoom 19:46 28 Nov 06

XP Home. 1gb ram 2.2mghz, BT Broadband connection, since loading IE7 it takes minutes to open a web site and load graphics. Anyone else having slow connection problems since IE7 installed, and is there a setting i should change. I disabled the Phsishing device or whatever it is called. Emails are fine, just the web access is approaching unusable.

  laddo 19:50 28 Nov 06

both myself and my cousin had same bother,he also had e/mail probs.we just uninstalled and went back to 6.

  MIke 20:18 28 Nov 06

Try Firefox! I've had problems with IE7 too as have many others if you look at forum postings. Web pages not loading, Favourites not working, pages not decoding. Hopefully MS will sort these out if they know about them, but in the meantime try a different browser.

  bpzoom 21:37 28 Nov 06

Mike.. Oh Lor! what a suggestion to a fearful ol' codger like me who has always "trusted" in Microsoft. I don't have the bottle to change, so I may sit it out and pray for deliverance

  birdface 00:04 29 Nov 06

Sounds like Cookie or firewall Problem, Switch of your firewall and see if it goes any Quicker,Or could be a conflict Between IE7 Anti-Virus or Firewall, Most likely if you have Norton installed.

  Woolwell 08:44 29 Nov 06

Try this to see if your browsing is any better:

Start - All Programs - Accessories - System Tools - Internet Explorer (no add-ons).

  bpzoom 10:22 29 Nov 06

Woolwell Thank you it worked like magic! Is there any down side to running without add ons?

  anskyber 10:54 29 Nov 06

It sounds like you may have old add ons which do not work with IE7. If you have toolbars like google or similar uninstall and reinstall you should the get the latest IE7 compliant version.

The other recommended route is to re introduce the add ons one by one until you find the culprit. tools, internet options, programs, manage add ons.

You will need some to access some web content eg flashplayer for web baes video or java for web sites which use it for features. It all can be sorted by updates however. Post back here with any difficulties.

  anskyber 10:55 29 Nov 06


  Woolwell 15:17 29 Nov 06

I cannot reply better than anskyber.

  bpzoom 23:33 29 Nov 06

Thanks very much to you both

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