steve263000 11:29 22 Dec 06

Good day all,

can I download IE7 as a seperate browser and not as a upgrade? The reason that I ask is this. I tried downloading IE7 and that was fine, but I was in the middle of uploading some files via direct FTP transfer. IE6 would do it fine, but IE7 had a problem with it.

Happy Christmas forums.

  2neat 12:05 22 Dec 06

Why not use a FTP program (WS_FTP Home 2006). This is the full version, not a time limited demo! click here

  steve263000 02:16 23 Dec 06

I have actually got that program, and have used it. However since trying a direct FTP transfer using the browser window, I have found it very easy to do, and by far the simplest for a fairly small site of 40 pages or so. I could go back to it, but I would like to stay where I am. I do not use IE a lot anyway, as I far prefer Firefox, but would like to have it for my son who prefers IE.

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