IE6 Opening on its own??

  swanny2 12:44 12 May 09

Ive still got this problem but not as often now.
This is randomon what site i click on ,could be any ,then all of a sudden loads of windows keep opening saying Page Cannot be displayed.
Now the forum i use when you click on someones post it turns Red so you know youve read it.But after these windows start opening i have too shutdown manually,then when i restart and go back too my Forum all the Posts are back in blue.
This is the only thing ive found out upto now, when these windows keep poppiing up.Ive no idea whats the Problem ,as its annoying esspecially if im tyyping a long essay then have close down quick an lose everything.Any ideas anyone Please?
Swanny :O)

  birdface 09:01 13 May 09

Maybe run your Security programs.And download Malwarebytes [free or trial] or superantispyware update and run.

  swanny2 10:15 13 May 09

cheers mate
Ive ran everything Anti spyware cc leaner, Malware ect ,still pops up now nd again , its not as often as it use too be but still annoying,especially if your in the middle of doing something.
thanks anyway

  User-1229748 11:08 13 May 09

a few days ago i had to get rid of malware and the only one that got rid for me was kaspersky,so it might be worth you running the online scanner to see if that comes up with anythingclick here

  birdface 11:32 13 May 09

Those 2 programs that I mentioned are 2 of the best for removing problems there is not much that gets past them.Unfortunately a lot of folk stick with Spybot or Ad-Aware and they are no longer up to the job. So maybe worth a try if you have not used either of them yet.

  swanny2 11:47 13 May 09

asi asaid Buteman above ive got them m installed i run them often,but i still get ie opening now an again

  User-1229748 13:01 13 May 09

running internet explorer with no add ons might be worth a shot if you havn't tried apologies if you have already tried

  birdface 13:30 13 May 09

If using I/E do you have the pop up blocker switched on.Or maybe update your Host file I posted the new one yesterday.

  birdface 14:06 13 May 09

Make sure you have the latest Flash and Java programs.And make sure you remove the old versions.

  swanny2 16:59 16 May 09

Cheers where do i find or know whats the latest flash player an java ,for me too download, i think it says in my add/remove Java (tm) Java 6 update 5
Java (tm) Java 6 Update 6

not sure if thats the latest one,as for the flash player i cant find that.
thanks. :O)

  User-1229748 18:02 16 May 09

file hippo is a safe place to download from click here

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