IRM072001 00:04 30 Jun 04

Since I removed a netnanny type program from my PC I've not been able to get IE6 to work. I've checked everything I can think of and have been through Intenet Options and reset it to original defaults etc, and still I get a message saying 'This page cannot be displayed'. Have tried all I can think of. Please help!

  VoG II 00:07 30 Jun 04

Try a repair click here

If that doesn't work look at click here

  IRM072001 18:48 30 Jun 04


Running the repair program didn't work - anyone have any ideas, please?

Many thanks

  squareye 19:38 30 Jun 04

Does it work offline? or on another desktop? I had a problem getting IE to open any google search and found there are a billion suggested fixes,none of which helped, it was quicker to re-install..

  SEASHANTY 19:50 30 Jun 04

Having two or even three browsers on your PC doesn't
cause chaos when this happens. If one fails - use another - until you can sort it out.

  IRM072001 20:06 30 Jun 04

Sometimes works offline but not all the time. Re-installation doesn't work - I get the same problem every time. I've re-installed twice, if not three times since this first happened.

I am using Opera 5 and Firefox at the mo, but I think IE has the edge...Opera is ok but my yahoo account won't work in it, and Firefox is better but still slower than IE.

Thanks for your help, more [especially if saying that it doesn't work after reinstalling has jogged any minds] would be gratefully received. Thanks.

  THE TERMINATOR 20:46 30 Jun 04

Have you tried system file checker? type sfc in run.. and click ok....TT

  IRM072001 23:10 30 Jun 04

Have typed 'sfc' but it replied it couldn't find it.

  woodt 23:35 30 Jun 04

[quote]Firefox is better but still slower than IE.[/quote]

I dont know how you come to that conclusion. I find Firefox at least twice as fast as IE

  SEASHANTY 15:30 01 Jul 04

Also find Mozilla 1.6 just as fast as I.E.6. It will let me do everything except my online banking. This appears to be tied to I.E. Shame.

  VCR97 18:59 01 Jul 04

Re System File Checker. According to an old reply in a magazine help section it's a command line tool in XP and is designed to be run as part of the Windows File Protection feature. Same reply says that you won't find sfc in Windows Me as its functionality was built into the OS File Protection feature. Hope that means more to you than it does to me.

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