IE6 Has stopped connecting again

  Indigo 1 18:54 06 Apr 04

See this thread first click here.

It worked fine agin untill I uninstalled a non related program and now it refuses to connect. I have to get online by using Outlook Express then switch to IE6.

Furthermore, O/E now brings up Dial Up properties window while connecting, I shouldn't need this as I am on Broadband "Always Connected".

Are these things related in some way ?

Is this the root of the problem ?

  Indigo 1 19:01 06 Apr 04

The fix suggested by woodchip no longer works. I cannot create a working shortcut from the IE6 .EXE file anymore.

I can create the shortcut but it is not capable of connecting to the net, message says "The page you requested cannot be loaded".

I know I don't need to bring up the Dial Up Properties window in order to connectas I proved it so why does it do it ?

My ISP/Modem and software supplier are no help.

  Cuddles 19:32 06 Apr 04

To stop the dial up box appearing go to TOOLS> INTERNET OPTIONS>CONNECTIONS and make sure the dot is in first option "NEVER DIAL A CONNECTION"

  Indigo 1 19:41 06 Apr 04

Oh, cheers Cuddles, I have always selected "Always Dial..." on recommendation.

Will give it a try thanx.

  Djohn 20:18 06 Apr 04

Cuddles suggestion will definitely work for the dial-up box. This is how it should be for broadband as it stops IE looking for a dial-up modem.

The first problem though should be corrected if you have the correct setting in your browser. I can't actually confirm this though as I use a different method.

I have my ISP [Broadband] Icon on my desktop and just click that when I first log on, then stay logged on all day. To open a browser I click on the Icon of the browser I want to use and it will take me direct to my homepage. The homepage has been set through my Broadband modem.

If I'm not browsing/downloading from the internet for any reason then I just close the browser/s down but leave my connection open to receive e-mail. j.

  Indigo 1 23:10 06 Apr 04

Cheers Cuddles, that did the trick.

I can't believe I overlooked that, I had noticed once or twice when setting up my BB connection that it was set to NEVER dial but I changed it because I thought "it will never work like that!" and now both issues have been resolved by the click of a tiny button.

It might have been helpful if the set-up instructions had mentioned it but I still can't see any reference to it.

Thanks to Djohn too.

  woodchip 23:15 06 Apr 04

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