IE6 EMail

  Dekka123 09:44 13 Oct 06

I have been forced to reinstall windows after my comp crashed. Running windows XP SP2. Since the reinstall I cant get my email to send. I receive it OK. I got in touch with Telewest Broadband Tech Support. They talked me through my account settings and said they were ok. Also how do you get rid of the bottom pane when receiving Emails. Another product of my reinstall. Would be very grateful for any help.

  Ptolemy 09:58 13 Oct 06

What method are you using for email?

Outlook Express, a web based mail system?

More detail please.

  GroupFC 10:02 13 Oct 06

Can't help with the settings problem but to get rid of the preview pane >view>layout and remove the tick.

  Dekka123 10:52 13 Oct 06

Thanks for quick response Group FC. Now got rid of the pane.
Ptolemy Thanks for your reply. I am using Outlook Express.

  Ptolemy 14:48 13 Oct 06

Hi Dekka, sorry for taking so long to respond.

Email settings can be horribly fidlely things.

Check that all names are correct, all the full stops are in the right place. The general format of the server settings is "" and "" - it's easy to put a comma in and not notice, or mispell something.

If you can't find anything wrong go back to your ISP's (Telewest) website and find the OE set-up instructions - I've had a look but couldn't locate them, I suspect I'd need account deatils to get in - then delete your current account details in OE and start again. It may be easier than trying to find the error.

  Dekka123 15:39 13 Oct 06

Thanks Ptolemy for your input. I have been in touch with Telewest again and they have been right through it again. I can now send Email via my webmail but i still cant send via o/e. The tech support said my account settings must be right because my webmail works. I am now completely stumped.

  GroupFC 15:58 13 Oct 06

"The tech support said my account settings must be right because my webmail works" - AFAIK, that won't make any difference as accessing webmail is done thro' a browser (such as IE, Firefox etc.) and you are trying to download your e-mails with OE!

Have you tried Ptolemy's suggestion of deleting the account details and starting again?

  GroupFC 16:00 13 Oct 06

Having just read the opening post again, I see that you can receive but not send - when you try sending do you get any error message?

  skidzy 16:10 13 Oct 06

Step by step set up for NTL and Telewest click here

  Dekka123 16:16 13 Oct 06

GroupFC I do get the following error when I try to send :The connection to the server has failed. Account: '', Server: '', Protocol: SMTP, Port: 25, Secure(SSL): No, Socket Error: 10060, Error Number: 0x800CCC0E

  skidzy 16:27 13 Oct 06

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