'IE6 : 16 & Stack Overflow'

  BH34 14:00 18 Jul 03

Still getting same error, only seem to appear when I'm in this forum Has anyone else been getting these errors or can suggest how to fix the problem?

  -pops- 14:16 18 Jul 03

It almost certainly is a problem with the PCA site. The only remedy is to remind PCA that they have a problem.

I am not getting these errors on Opera so you might give that a try.


  BH34 14:44 18 Jul 03

Many thanks for your quick response pops

  dessi 14:53 18 Jul 03

Just this minute logged on and experience the same IE stack overflow but it cleared on second attempt.

  Pidder 18:29 18 Jul 03

Doesn't seem to do any harm, I just click "ok". Am I missing something?

  AdeJ 18:38 18 Jul 03

just a minor glitch which I'm sure they'll have sorted soon..

  BH34 23:05 18 Jul 03

IT look's like it's ok again now thanks PCA

  Pidder 15:58 19 Jul 03

Ta - glad to hear it.

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