IE won't connect but OE emails working fine

  Carafaraday 16:13 02 Oct 07

The problem seems to occur after the pc has been on for a while - several hours usually. I can send and receive emails, but can't connect to Google (or anywhere else for that matter). The router lights indicate that the connection is ok. If I reboot, everything seems to work fine again for a few hours.

I have deleted cookies and temp files (I do this routinely most days anyway), and have AVG and ZA running. I haven't done anything new or different that I am aware of.
Any ideas for sorting this out would be most welcome.

  X™ 17:12 02 Oct 07

What make of Router is it?

  Carafaraday 17:18 02 Oct 07

X - thank you for your reply. Router is a Voyager 210 adsl - it seems to be working ok as I can send and receive emails - its IE that's the problem.

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