IE won't auto search

  knobler 17:08 05 Sep 03

There used to be a time that when I typed a word on the address bar it would search MSN and come up with various web sites in the normal list form. Now when I type in and address it gives me the message that I need to check my settings etc.. - we've all seen the message before! I've got a couple of teenage girls and was wondering whether they been trying their IT skills!!

  nickhick 17:17 05 Sep 03

Hi there.
Have you checked under 'Internet Options' advanced tab and made sure that your Search settings are as you want them and in particular that 'do not search from the Address Bar' in NOT ticked?

  knobler 17:26 05 Sep 03

As much as you think girls are the innocent ones - mine are obviously affected with sticky fingers!! Thanks for your help.

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