IE suddenly faster than Firefox

  Pineman100 20 Feb 12

I use Windows 7 Home Premium.

I've used Firefox as my browser for some time - currently on version 10.0.2. My add-ons are Ghostery, Download Helper and Adblock Plus.

Over the past day or two I have found Firefox grindingly slow to connect to any website. Today I got so fed up with it that I switched to using Internet Explorer (v.9.0.5)- it was blazingly fast!

Is this something to do with my computer, or has IE leapfrogged FF in the speed stakes? I imagine my IE is pretty clear of accumulated temporary files, cookies and so on (because I never use it). Maybe this could be the reason? If so, how can I give FF a "spring clean" without losing my useful cookies?

Many thanks for any advice.

  octal 20 Feb 12

Mine seems pretty good looking at this

Try you browser here and see what results you get.

  TonyV 20 Feb 12


I have to say that in my opinion, IE9 has been much faster than earlier iterations of FF. So much so that I have taken FF off my machine. I am also on Win 7 Home Premium. My problem at the moment is not the speed of the Browser, but the speed of the PCA site. It is pitifully slow again at the moment.

IE9 has been my default browser for a long time now. I do occasionally try other browsers, but usually take them off after a couple days because of speed and the way they work. IE9 for me any day!!


PS. This posting is taking forever to act!! I'll leave it spinning and wait. Had to give up and try again. Hopefully this posting will actually go!

  Housten 21 Feb 12

Knowing I was getting fairly slow broadband I thought I would try this SpeedBattle to see what it gave. I think the results are rubbish!! I am open to correction but the reult states that I have an OS of either Win32 or Windows NT 6.1, it does get my browser right as one of the many, but my OS is Windows 7 64Bit Home Premium. Seems to me that web site needs some revisions done!!

  Pineman100 21 Feb 12

Thanks for your responses, everyone. But here's a funny thing - today Firefox seems to be back up to normal speed. No discernible speed difference between FF and IE.

I've no idea what/why/how, but unless things fall apart again, my problem is resolved.

Thanks again for your contributions.

  Woolwell 21 Feb 12

It's almost impossible to compare browsers using that SpeedBattle test. I've just used 4 different browsers and each time I got a different best figure to which I could compare my own results. For instance best for Chrome would be 250 but for Firefox it would be 1078.

  Woolwell 21 Feb 12

Sorry about the English in that last post.

  Pineman100 21 Feb 12

Hi Woolwell. I imagine that test is a bit like running a test of your broadband speed. Every time you do so, you get different results because of all the variables at work - the busyness of the internet, local contention and so on.

  lewbobble 21 Feb 12

When I start FF I get a not responding message, also it is also running very slowly. I often get psage has timed out. Can anybody explain what's going on. Thanks. Robbie

  lewbobble 21 Feb 12

When I start FF I get a not responding message, also it is also running very slowly. I often get psage has timed out. Can anybody explain what's going on. Thanks. Robbie. I use Windows 7 Home Premium.


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