Zion_Lion 23:02 30 Jan 05

Hi all...a quick question, can anyone tell me that if by installing IE-SPYAD I will be prevented from playing games online that use java, as I do like a game of backgammon every now and then.
I read that it disables active x and java, but is this only for the blocked sites.

Kind Regards ZL

  kimjhon 00:46 31 Jan 05

A site that has been restricted is one that is prevented from utilising browser tools like Java and Active X.

Unless your games site has a reputation for using these tools maliciously it will not be in Spyad's list and will therefor not be prevented from using them.

  Zion_Lion 22:56 31 Jan 05

Thanks dcdc, thats all I needed to no.

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