IE Problem

  degssie 12:31 22 Apr 08

I keep getting this message when ever I close IE - "The Instruction "0x41001db5" reffered to memory at "0x0b362fc8". Memory could not be read"

What does this mean? I have also noted that if I surf a lot IE freezes and if I go into Task Manager it shows IE using loads of memory even though I have closed it and I have to "end the proccess" to be able use IE again.

  DieSse 12:43 22 Apr 08

In IE, Tools> Internet Options> Advanced tab. Uncheck the box: "Enable third-party browser extensions"
Apply, OK and OK. Reboot and see if you still have this problem. If it doesn't help,
you can recheck it.

Try the above help from another forum - it fixed the problem.

  DieSse 12:46 22 Apr 08

Also look here - you'll have to join to see the responses - but it's free. Sounds very similar to your symptoms.

click here

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