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  joban 20:30 25 Jan 04


Just wondering why on this site I get the full page view left to right but on other sites eg BBC everything is on a page half the width so I have a blank half page at the right - any advice re possible change of settings to make all full page would be appreciated,

  hugh-265156 20:42 25 Jan 04

if you set your desktop to 800x600 then some websites will require scrolling to view all of the page.

set to 1024x768 if your monitor supports it.

control panel/display/settings

  Djohn 20:44 25 Jan 04

Hi joban, This is not a fault with your set-up, happens to all of us. My 17" TFT is set to 1280x1024 and the BBC page takes up approximately a third of the screen.

It is to do with the way that sites are designed to fit all, [Well most] screens. You can test this yourself by dropping your resolution to 800x600 and the page will fit the entire screen then.

It's nothing to worry about, but if you find it distracting, then click on your "Favourites" or "Search" button. This will open the respective pane to the left of your screen and push the main page more to the right. j.

  joban 20:50 25 Jan 04

Thanks for the ideas, I think I've got it to an acceptable view now,

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