I.E. keeps shutting down with error message!!

  Chrisann 14:14 08 May 07

I keep an error message and I.E. tells me it is shutting down and sending notification of an error to Mirosoft....I have read this message but don't understand if the problem is with my comp or not.

In the last few days it has happened several times and on different web sites..even when I am in the middle of working on that site..and is becoming a real pain.

Anyone any advice as to where my problem lies.



  recap 14:32 08 May 07

Could you post the error message please Chrisann, it would help in finding a possible solution to your problem?

  Probabilitydrive 14:33 08 May 07

Look in the 'event viewer' to find out more about the nature of IE crashes. It should give you the cause and (possible) solutions.

  Chrisann 14:45 08 May 07

Thankyou. I will have to wait till it happens again then I will note it down and post it for you to read. As things are going that shouldn't be long....So I will keep this post open.



  jam500 15:46 08 May 07

I too have had this happen to me lots recently, I thought i was the only one.

  provider 2 15:58 08 May 07

This any help: click here

  iscanut 16:14 08 May 07

As re jam500, this happens to me a lot. I have removed most add ons but still it happens. Never had the problem with IE6, only with IE7. I shall watch this pace, but it's nice to know I am not alone with this problem !

  iscanut 16:18 08 May 07

" watch this space !." Typo. I would also add that I have carried out most of the suggestions on the pages referred to by provider 2 above, but to no avail. May have to revert back to IE6.

  provider 2 16:46 08 May 07

Including all of these? click here

  provider 2 16:47 08 May 07
  provider 2 16:48 08 May 07

Very long URL. Can`t get it to display the title page!

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