IE keeps disconnecting from the internet

  David-277685 09:04 29 Jul 04

i have a home network set up and everything was working fine however i have had to reinstall windows 2000 pro on one of the computers and now when i load ie6 it stays connected for about 5 mins then disconnects the only way to resume use is to disable the local area connection to the router and then re-enable it. this as you can imagine is most frustrating. does anyone know of anyway to resolve this or what is causing the problem? the other comp (a mac) has no problems with its connection.

  shuggee 10:18 29 Jul 04

I have been having this problem myself. I've tried everything I can think of and everyone I know to sort it out. Nothing seemed to work. The other night, however, I downloaded the Mozilla Firefox browser. Using this I haven't been cut off at all. Its better than I.E as it loads pages much faster. I couldn't believe how much faster it is, its incredible. You need to keep I.E. though, you need it for the Windows updates. Other than that, Firefox seems by far better.

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  Stuartli 11:40 29 Jul 04

Go to Tools>InternetOptions>Connections tab>Settings>Advanced tab. Check that "isconnect ifdle for more than.." disabled.

  Stuartli 11:41 29 Jul 04

..should read:

Check that "Disconnect if idle for more than "x".." is disabled.

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