IE just prints blank pages.

  ened 06:56 12 Sep 05

That's it really.

Either in Print Preview or the actual print - all I get is a blank page with Page1/1 at the top and the date at the bottom.

No error messages and I do not have Surfairy installed (Previous thread).

  Diodorus Siculus 08:32 12 Sep 05

Frequently Asked Questions About Internet Explorer printing problems or printing blank pages
click here

  Diodorus Siculus 08:32 12 Sep 05

click here
How to reinstall or repair Internet Explorer and Outlook Express in Windows XP

  ened 13:32 12 Sep 05

Thanks for those links. I am about to read through the first one which is for IE5.5.

I should have mentioned I am using IE6 and have already run the repair.

Interestingly the first link gives all the versions it will work for, but IE6 for XP is missing.

I will give it a go anyway.


  ened 16:34 12 Sep 05

Any other suggestions please?????

  Dipso 22:46 12 Sep 05

What are you trying to print? You have to change the frame options if you want to print a table for example. Does this happen with everything you try?

  ened 06:20 13 Sep 05

I have always obtained details of a journey then primted them out.
Now I am unable to do this and I thought they had blocked it in some way, because they are offering to text the info. to a mobile.
Then i discovered I could not print any pages. All pages just come out blank.

  wee eddie 07:19 13 Sep 05

I have just planned a journey and printed it. 2 pages - very neat - blue with red highlights.

Better have a look at your Printer Setup.

  keith-236785 14:09 13 Sep 05

try going to IE/Tools/Internet options and then the advanced tab, near the bottom click restore defaults.

might be as simple as something changing a setting in there.

i also had a similar problem but got round it with a restore from a dvd backup i made.

in my case to print one page from IE it was spread over 6 or 7 pages a bit on each. tried rmoving printer and setting up again and that didnt work.

good luck anyway

  ened 17:16 13 Sep 05

but I don't think it is the printer set up.

I have never been able to use Corel Capture with WMP ( I only ever manage to get the skin with a black screen no matter what I am playing)and am wondering if the two are connected.

Presumably it is my set-up but where do I look?

  wee eddie 20:08 13 Sep 05

You do seem to make life overly complicated.

In IE > File > Click Print.


Highlight the section you wish to print > Right Click > Print.

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