IE fears in the papers

  johnincrete 07:16 17 Dec 08

Do I have to ditch IE 7 or is it just media hype? It has taken me ages to get used to it. I have good protection with PC Tools Spyware Doctor and have never found an infection with a scan with it or from trial ones often mentioned in these forums.

  wee eddie 09:02 17 Dec 08

Firstly ~ That does not mean that anyone has worked-out how to exploit it.

Secondly ~ If someone does find out how to exploit it ~ It does not mean that someone with regular surfing habits will come across the problem.

Thirdly ~ I feel sure that effective countermeasures will be created in the course of time.

The other Browsers have just as many potential weaknesses, it's just that bringing them down is not as much fun as cocking a snook at Microsoft and because relatively few people use them, not as profitable

  estabond 08:05 18 Dec 08

Microsoft posted a fix yesterday. Use Windows update to apply it.

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