IE Download dialog box disappears?....

  ShorN 22:46 27 Sep 03

Im using IE and when I download something the download dialog box comes up when downloading but once it is downloaded the box disappears?, therefore I dont have the easy option to open the file!.. anyone have any ideas? much appreciated! :)

  powerless 22:50 27 Sep 03

Go and download a file.

Remove the tick from "Close this dialouge box when downoad completes".

  oglemire 22:50 27 Sep 03

when you download a file there should be a checkbox on the dialogue box saying "close when download completes"... try unchecking it.

  oglemire 22:50 27 Sep 03

.... great minds ....

  alan 2273 22:52 27 Sep 03

In the bottom left hand corner is a small box, next time you download something take the small tick out of the box then it will stop on (the tick in the box is to close the box when the download is finished).

  alan 2273 22:54 27 Sep 03

When I loked their had been no replies, when I posted their had been 2 and great minds

  ShorN 23:03 27 Sep 03

you know, i knew there was a simple answer, just could for the life of me remember!!, too many long hous at the screen!

Thanks for your help people!

  daba 00:26 28 Sep 03

just a reminder to tick it off when resolved, it helps so people don't look any further when a problem is already resolved, thereby increasing the hit-rate on unresolved probs.

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