IE defaulting to "In Private"

  Covergirl 09 Jun 11

I just noticed, all my IE9 shortcuts now open with the "In Private" tag in the address bar. I don't know how this has happened - does anyone else have any ideas please

My quick launch is still normal. I just wondered what I have done and how to reverse it? I know I can remove the shortcuts and re-create them, but I'd like to solve the problem at source, so to speak.


  Sea Urchin 09 Jun 11

A change in the registry is required - this link is for IE8 but it also applies to IE9 (read down the page for the solution).

Disable InPrivate

  Covergirl 09 Jun 11

Ooops - just been graced with another Please Wait :)

Thanks Sea Urchin, but I don't want to disable it completely, in fact I'm curious and just want to know why it has happened.

If nothing comes of this there will be a system restore happening.


  Covergirl 29 Jun 11

Hmmm . . . yes, well the problem is still there even after a system restore and I can't find much reference to it on tinterweb so I'll close this thread.

After the system restore I found some of my shortcuts had reverted to working properly, so I launched one of these, went to Google then dragged that to the desktop. That solved the problem for a couple of days whereafter the new shortcut will not now open an "In Private" browsing window from a new tab. I think I'll try a IE repair if it's still available.


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