IE cannot display the webpage

  billstump 18 Apr 11

Over the last couple of weeks, three computers (1 PC, 2 Laptops) running XP, Vista, and W7 respectively are having difficulty with browsing and email. The message "Internet Explorer cannot display the webpage" appears frequently, but mostly after refreshing three or four time the site is found. Similarly with email, but after hitting "send/receive" the connection comes good. The only common factors are that all are on a Norton subscription, and share a Netgear wireless router(rebooting doen't help). Driving me nuts. Any advice would be most welcome. Thanks> Bill.

  buteman 18 Apr 11

Maybe try command prompt and type in ipconfig /flushdns then press the enter on the keyboard. it should tell you dns cache has been flushed if so reboot and see if it makes any difference.

Or maybe try the fix it on text

  billstump 20 Apr 11

Buteman. many thanks your prompt advice. no luck. have a few more ideas from other sources. if I get a result I will post it. regards Stumpy.

  buteman 21 Apr 11

If you are using Outlook Express maybe try Interet Explorer. Tools .Internet Options.Advanced and press reset. This resets Internet explorer to it's original state. Some add-ons may have to be enabled after running it. Or when in advanced press restore advanced settings to see if that helps. Or security and make sure everything is set to default.

  Woolwell 21 Apr 11

It may be that your router is dropping connection or there is a line fault. 3 systems having the same problems points to the router or line.


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